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I think there is something interesting going on here, the two fighters are quite contrasting and this makes the picture stand out for m...


Genesis 3 - Poser 11 test
Genesis 3 is not supposed to work in Poser but having seen a couple of work arounds I thought I'd give it a go. This image is Victoria 7 rendered with firefly and has no retouching apart from cropping.

Reasonably happy with the result, once you have Genesis 3 in Poser then it works pretty much like Genesis 2 or 1. For example, a new character installed into Daz shows up in the Poser version of Genesis 3 (the image above is the Victoria 7 morph). The same techniques for transferring Genesis 3 also work for clothes and hair. Poses and expressions can also be transferred but this takes more time as each individual pose or expression has to be dealt with one by one. Clothing conforms fine with the few morphs that I have, ditto hair.

Drawbacks?  Biggest one is texture files. The transfer of Genesis to Poser does transfer texture files as well but I noticed that there was no bump maps copied over. You can add these by hand though, and it works, but, these G3 textures won't be as good as something originally designed for Poser. I then noticed that there was a V4 to Gen 3 module available for Texture Transformer available (and on sale at Renderosity). The texture in the image above is made from the FRV4 Fox character (not a SSS texture), but it just happened to be the first one that I tried. So textures can be sorted but it's time and effort.

Re Poser and Daz3D. I'm not getting into the debate as to which programme is better. By random chance I started using Poser 7 years ago so prefer now to stick with Poser because I know how it works. I have used Daz3d, but because I haven't had the years of experience I found it frustrating so I can't make a judgement as to which programme is better. I prefer Poser because I know how to use it however, If 10 years or so ago I'd started with Daz 3d I'd almost certainly be in the other camp - still not able to say which programme is best but for the opposite reasons. 

My gripe with Daz is not with the software it's with the fairly quick and successes upgrades to Genesis. Victoria 4 was around for years before Genesis came out. Hence I felt secure in investing into a figure that I assumed would likely be the default figure for some time. Then Genesis 2 came along and instantly (and understandably) Vendors stopped making items for Genesis making the investment I'd made relatively worthless. I bit the bullet and went down the Genesis 2 route (but fortunately with some more caution) only to find that in fairly short order we now have Genesis 3. This a gripe which transcends the Daz/poser debate. 


Textures from FR Fox character:…
Texture transformer:…
Genesis 3 convertor, comes with tutorials on how to convert Genesis 3 and transfer expressions. available free here:…
Poser format exporter needs installing into Daz, available here:…


Les Miller
United Kingdom
I've been away from Deviant art for about a month, but, am now getting back into the swing of things.. I always like it when I can start a new project and now that Leanne v Anneko is well and truly finished, and Leanne is being carried off into the sunset (so to speak),  and to whatever fate you want to imagine! I think Akina and Emma still have some mileage, I promised to re-visit this fight which is rather more 'no holds barred' so perhaps has more potential..  

So future postings will definitely have at least a few more Akina and Emma, any suggestions on where this fight might go would be greatfully received, as would sugestions for the next fight.. I'm working on new characters, slightly meatier than Leanne and Anneko, but, would you like to see some of the existing ones return to the ring? ANd, any favourite scenarios you like to see?



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